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"Inside the Warrior ~ The Masculine Side of Yoga"

Photography Book & Exhibition project (currently shooting)

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Yoga Men/Fadi

Yoga Men/Lamonte

This portrait project is meant to highlight and celebrate men who practice yoga. It is meant to change our perception of who should practice yoga and who does practice yoga.

This project aims to put a spotlight on the participants of yoga that are most under represented by focusing on both the physical and the spiritual components of a yoga practice.

According to polls, less than 20% of people who practice yoga are men. That is slowly starting to change as more and more men realize the benefits and embrace yoga as more than a workout of stretching and breathing. As we already know, yoga creates a strong, toned, and flexible body. For many others, it is so much more than just the physical component and can be a path to spiritual growth and/or emotional healing.

 In addition to images I am collaborating with yogi and writer, Julian DeVoe who is interviewing men who practice yoga all over the world. Stories, perspectives, quotes, and insights from these interviews will be shared with the portraits throughout the book.

I intend to divide the book into 2 sections: The Physical & The Spiritual.

The Physical part of the book will reflect men who simply want yoga as a workout. They are interested optimizing their physical bodies and/or healing injuries from sports or athletics. This section will also showcase advanced postures including arm balances and inversions.

 The Spiritual part of the book will represent men who integrate breathwork and meditation into their yoga practice. This section will highlight men for whom yoga changed their life. So many men have already shared with me how yoga has been a huge part of helping them heal from emotional trauma, grief, and/or depression.

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Current Project Series: The Soul of a Yogi

This photography project is about the transformative power of Yoga. We all come to yoga at different parts of our journey, and it means something different to each one of us, I would like to explore that meaning with you.

This isn't about the perfect pose, or the perfect body, all are welcome. This project is about honoring and celebrating where you are right now. I want to photograph your authentic beauty and share that with the world. I want to show the world how yoga connects all of us together.

What is your story? What brought you to yoga, and what has it brought to you? Do you have a favorite pose, or one you are working on? Is it a spiritual journey for you, was it always that way? I would be honored to share some of your story as part of the project.

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